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    CRWTH (pronounced: kr-ooth) is the breakthrough menswear label by New York b, conceptualized around the idea of refined rebellion. Founded in New York in 2018, the American brand takes its name from an ancient Celtic string instrument, which serves as an ode to the label’s global historical themes that appear in the collections put forth each season. CRWTH collections offer a fresh take on vintage inspired silhouettes, utilizing classic motorcycle culture as the ultimate muse that drives the creative process for the team. The brand offers a curated selection of garments produced using the highest-quality, globally sourced materials featuring unparalleled attention to detail for the modern man who dares to express his style with irreverence. Seeking to bring out the rebel in all men who wear it, CRWTH collections are the antidote to the status quo in menswear.


Ross Mathews- Co-Host The Drew Barrymore Show

Irenka Simon - Model 

Jayson Blair- Actor 


Lauriana Mae - Songwriter


Aleksey Kernes- Entrepreneur

Young Paris - musician

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